What is 3M Wrap Film Series 2080?

3M 2080 Series Wrap allows you to personalize your vehicle and provide it with a brand-new appearance. As one of 3M’s latest wrap film series products, the 2080 wrap vinyl film is a reliable, high-performance automotive wrap film that is easy to install for DIY installers. At Interwest Automotive, we are your source for 3M 2080 Wrap Vinyl Film that provides customization for any vehicle.

3M Wrap Vinyl Film Series 2080

Provided in 60-inch rolls, Series 2080 vinyl wrap allows you to wrap any surface area of a vehicle without seams. It works well with or without graphic protection. You can expect this film to perform ideally for as long as eight years.

Convenience and Quality

3M 2080 Wrap Vinyl Film is easy to use right from the box with no requirement to add an over-laminate. This film also will not deform around difficult curves due to their durability and dimensional stability. The dual color layers of this film also prevent it from discoloring. This 3.5 mil cast film offers true quality and convenience.

Easy to Apply

The 3M 2080 Series Wrap is an ultra-conformable wrap that fits tightly in channels and around curves for an easy installation and sleek look. During application, less heat is required which reduces the length of the post-heating process and prevents overstretching of the wrap. Gloss films also have a protective layer during installation that can be removed prior to post heating.


This film is highly effective at resisting acids, fuels, mild alkaline substances, water, and salt. Brushed metals and carbon fiber have an expected vertical service life of five years while satin, gloss, and matte types have a warranty of eight years.

3M 2080 vinyl wrap film Can be applied to any vehicle including exotic cars, sports cars, and track cars. Ideally, vehicles should have a proper bond between the paint and substrate to ensure an even application process. If the vehicle has dents, scratches, or rust, the film installation may run into problems because the damage will be visible.

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