Six Secrets to a Perfect Vehicle Wrap

Color Change vehicle wraps are professionally installed using vinyl wrap film. These wraps are ideal for changing the color of your vehicle. Having these wraps installed is less expensive than a professional paint job. At Interwest Automotive, we offer 3M 2080 Vinyl Film Wrap that provides vehicle surfaces with superb protection and a visually appealing color change.

1. Proper Design

Proper wrap design is required to cover the curves and unique shape of your vehicle. Ask the installer to show you how the color change wrap will appear on your vehicle before you commit to the installation.

2. Professional Wrapping Environment

High winds and dust can ruin what the finished product looks like, so only accept the wrap being installed inside of a professional controlled indoor environment.

3. High-Quality Wrap Material

Different levels of wrap quality will produce different results. In addition, certain types of vinyl may form onto the surface of your vehicle differently. Investigate the highest quality wrap material you can afford to have installed for the best results. The 3M 2080 vinyl wrap we offer provides exceptional color change results.

4. Careful Measurement & Prep

Careful preparation and measurement are necessary to ensure that every surface area is covered with the wrap. The installer should ensure the vehicle is free of wax and clean as part of the preparation to apply the wrap.

5. Professional Installation

Having a professional perform the wrap installation is key. A professional wrap installer should never overstretch the film during wrap application. The installer should use a new blade for each cut and avoid applying an excessive amount of glue.

6. Finishing Touches

The process is not necessarily complete after the wrap has been installed. To ensure the wrap adheres firmly on the vehicle in its fresh-looking condition, an experienced installer should use a heat gun to heat areas that are recessed or curved. This will ensure the vinyl wrap remains attached to the vehicle well and does not start reverting to its original shape. This final step takes some time, but is worth it to ensure premium, long-lasting results.

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