Color Stable Window Tint offers a rich appearance that rivals factory tinted glass and is guaranteed to never turn purple.

3M Color Stable Window Tint

This Nano-Carbon window tint will provide years of performance with outstanding color stability. Arrive in style with 3M Color Stable Automotive Window Tint.

Product Highlights

Technology Leader

Nano-Carbon Polyester Technology

Color Stable films uses a specialized process of adding carbon into a polyester layer, delivering superb heat rejection and a film that possesses enhanced color stability when compared to dyed films.

Superior Choice for Comfort

Outstanding Heat Reduction

Color Stable window tint blocks as much as 57% of total solar energy by reducing the infiltration of visible light and infrared rays, effectively keeping you cool.

Stylish Look

Attractive Look & Less Glare

The appearance of 3M color stable tint is comparable to factory glass tint in its rich look and appeal. This tint significantly diminishes glare that results from bright sunlight. The nano-carbon that is spread through the thickness of the film helps give it exceptional longevity for years of quality performance.

Clear Signals

Unblocked Signals

The non-metallized color stable window tint we offer does not interfere with the signals that are sent and received from various devices within a vehicle, including GPS, satellite radio, mobile devices, and Bluetooth.

UV Protection

Excellent Protection from UV

3M Color Stable tint provides a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 1000 and also shields vehicle occupants from up to 99% of ultraviolet sunlight.


No Purpling Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

3M color stable window tint is offered with a full limited warranty for life supported by 3M and is also guaranteed not to become purple in color.