Ride in style and comfort with 3M Ceramic IR Window Tint as it provides up to 95% infrared reduction through advanced 3M Nano-Ceramic Technology.

3M Ceramic IR Tint for Windows

Ceramic IR provides excellent heat resistance and also possesses an appealing natural color. This tint is available in darker options for enhanced relief from glare resulting from blinding sunlight, enabling better vision for driving. Ceramic IR Tint is also technology-friendly. It is made without the addition of metal and therefore does not block signals from various mobile and onboard devices.

Product Highlights

Technology Leader

State-of-the-Art Nano-Ceramic Technology

3M Ceramic IR tint provides up to 95% reduction in infrared heat due to its absorptive nano-ceramic technology.

Superior Choice for Comfort

Superior Heat Reduction

Ceramic IR rejects total solar energy and infrared light at high levels, minimizing the feel of the hot sun on your skin and enhancing thermal comfort.

Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced Clarity

It is no longer necessary to choose a darker shade of tint to achieve the desired cooling effect. With Ceramic IR nano-ceramic technology, you have a high-performing level tint that does not significantly degrade driver visibility.

Clear Signals

Signals without Interference

3M Ceramic IR allows for clear inbound and outbound signals from mobile and onboard devices, including smartphones, GPS, Bluetooth, and satellite radio.

UV Protection

Protection from Ultraviolet Light

With a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of up to 1000 and an ability to block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, Ceramic IR tint delivers excellent UV protection for vehicle occupants.


Warranty for Life and No Purpling Guarantee

Ceramic IR window film/tint will not change to a purple color and is provided with a full limited lifetime warranty supported by 3M, one of the most respected companies in the world.