3M™ 2080 Wrap Series

2080 Series vinyl wrap lets you transform the look of your vehicle, offering 100+ color options, without the cost and hassle of repainting your car.


The 2080 Series products not only protect your original paint, it gives you a unique way customize your car. Unique to 2080, the product features protective layer on gloss films that you can leave on until your wrapping project is completed, ensuring a flawless installation. The films are resistant to mild alkaline substances, acids, salt as well as to fuels and water. The 2080 Series films come with a comprehensive warranty from 3M.

Product Highlights

Gloss Wrap Vinyl

The 2080 Series Gloss films give your car a high-gloss shine with an extra, added layer of protection. With 48 available gloss colors, there are options to choose from classic gloss colors to metallic gloss versions.

Matte and Satin Wrap Vinyl

Matte 2080 Series wraps give you a soft, lustrous look while satin wraps give you a slightly shinier version that is somewhere between Gloss and Matte. The matte films are available in 20 colors, while the satin films are available in 18 versions.

Textured Wrap Vinyl - Brushed Metals & Carbon Fibers

Brushed metal wraps have the realistic look and feel of a brushed metal surface. These brushed metal films come in 4 colors — aluminum, black, steel and titanium. With carbon fiber films, you can literally feel the weave of the film on your fingers. Choose from white, anthracite or two black versions to give an exciting look to your vehicle.

Color Flip Wrap Vinyl

The flip films are color changing films, ranging from one end of the color spectrum to the other depending on how light interacts with them. These films are stunning and for sure will turn heads. These color changing flip films are available in 9 versions.

Application Ideas

The best part about wrapping your car is unlimited options on how to customize your ride. Options range from full car wraps, car roofs, hoods, spoilers, gas caps or even interior components of the cockpit.

Comprehensive Warranty from 3M

2080 Wrap Series products come with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, up to 7 years for vertical surfaces and 2 years for horizontal surfaces for most professionally installed projects in the US. The 3M warranty is only valid when professionally installed by a 3M Certified Graphic Installer.