Protection You Can Count On

3M invented paint protection film over 50 years ago. Today they continue to innovate and offer the highest performance paint protection film in the market. Paint protection film, commonly referred to as clear bra, protects against rock chips, scratches, bug damage and other road debris. While some companies use thinner polyurethane layers or weaker adhesives to speed up the installation process of the clear bra, our focus is on providing the best product performance for the customer.

At Interwest, we have partnered with 3M to create an elite and extensive dealer network. Our 3M dealers can suggest the right paint coverage for your vehicle. 3M Paint Protection Films are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get, our clear bra films are durable, designed to last and virtually maintenance free.

Explore Our Paint Protection Films

Scotchgard™ Pro Series
Paint Protection Film

Protection for the Road Ahead

Superior Choice for Comfort

Self-Healing Heat Activated Clear Coat

A durable top layer on this clear bra self-heals swirl marks and light scratches with minimal heat applied to the surface of the film. Hot water or the heat from the sun removes slight scratches on the film.

Prevents Rock Chip & Scratches

Prevents Scratched and Rock Chips

These clear bra films are thick, tough, and durable. The thickness matters for preventing scratches, rock chips and other threats to car paint. The 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series is an 8-mil film and enhances the appearance of vehicles, making them look brand new. They are also maintenance free.

UV Protection

Non-Yellowing & Stain Resistant

Pro Series 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film will not change to yellow after UV exposure, ensuring protected locations stay virtually invisible.

Precision Patterns

Precise Fit with Precise Patterns

With the release of new year models, 3M develops and keeps a record of precision patterns to match each vehicle. Using a plotter, the film you choose will be custom cut to exactly match the dimensions of your vehicle.


3M Adhesive Seals Edges

This Scotchgard Paint Protection Film is specifically designed to prevent edge lifting after it is applied. It stays locked and protects your paint.


10 Year Product Warranty

3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film is provided with a full 10-year warranty supported by 3M and is guaranteed not to become yellow.

Scotchgard™ Pro Series
Matte Paint Protection Film

The Look of Luxury

Superior Choice for Comfort

Heat Activated Self-Healing Clear Coat

Robust top layer on the clear bra will self-heal light scratches & swirl marks with a light heat application to the film's surface. Summer sun or hot water remove minor scratches on the film.

Enhanced Visibility

Elegant Satin Appearance

Pro Series Matte is specifically formulated for preserving and protecting a matte factory finish or turning a gloss finish into a satin look. One of the key features of Pro Series Matte, compared to other matte films, is the undesired chalky appearance has been removed, giving it a more satin appearance.

Easier Maintenance

Easier Maintenance

Factory flat finishes are expensive to repair and difficult to maintain. Pro Series Matte protects your finish and makes for much easier maintenance, plus you get all the benefits of rock chip protection from our regular 8 mil thick Pro Series film.


3M Adhesive Seals Edges

Simply put, 3M is an adhesive company at its core.  Pro Series has a specially formulated adhesive that is designed to eliminate edge lifting after application, our film will remain locked down & keep your paint protected.


10 Year Warranty from 3M

Pro Series Matte is guaranteed not to turn yellow and comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty backed by 3M, a Fortune 100 company.