The Science of Shine

3M Ceramic Coating is long lasting and designed to be used on paint, glass, PPF, vinyl, wheels and plastic trim. When applied professionally, 3M Ceramic Coating lasts up to 5 years, creating a hydrophobic finish, decreasing surface friction and providing excellent water beading and water shedding. The high gloss shine seals in and maintains the ‘wet look’ of a new polish. 3M Ceramic Coating is a low VOC treatment that is durable and stands up to salt, acid rain, tree sap, bug splats and bird droppings. The extremely slick surface allows for easy removal of dirt and debris, keeping your paint looking newer longer.

The Science of Shine

3M Ceramic Coating FAQs

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last on a Car?

If a car is kept in particularly harsh conditions, then a ceramic coating will last at least 5 years, but when it’s stored safely and taken good care of a ceramic coating on a car can last 2 or 3 times the length of the manufacturer’s guarantee.

How To Take Care Of Car Ceramic Coating?

You should wash your car regularly, every 2 weeks, with a PH-neutral shampoo. The first step is to rinse the car of dirt, specifically from the wheel and arches, with a hose or pressure washer and detailing brushes. Then you will wash the car with one bucket of fresh clean water and one bucket with the PH neutral shampoo, and then you’d dry all parts of the car with a drying towel spraying detailer as you go. After that, you should consider using a maintenance spray with a microfiber cloth to help prolong the life of your coating.

What Is 3M Auto Ceramic Coating?

3M ceramic coating is a proprietary coating of ceramic that offers long-lasting protection from a protective layer that bonds chemically to automotive paint. It is designed for use on paint, glass, paint protection film (PPF), vinyl, wheels, and plastic trim.

What is Better Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film?

Ceramic coating and PPF both do a similar job of protecting the car’s paintwork from harmful chemicals and oxidation. They each offer their own benefits, which set them apart. PPF is less expensive and offers slightly longer-lasting protection, but ceramic coating will leave your vehicle with an incredible finish.