Important Things to Know Before You Tint Your Car Windows

Tinting your car windows is one of those investments that can reap multiple benefits for you and your vehicle. Car window tinting provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays and glare, increases privacy, and keeps the vehicle’s interior cool during the hottest months of the year. At Interwest Automotive, we offer exceptional quality 3M auto window tint options that deliver all of these benefits.

Below are some important things to know before you have window tint installed on your vehicle’s windows.

Know What Car Tinting Does

Car window tinting involves the application of adhesive film, or other material, to the inside window surface of a vehicle. These films can provide various benefits, from reducing glare, to reducing the buildup of heat, to protecting from UV rays, to enhancing privacy for vehicle occupants. They are available in various colors and shades, from lighter tints to darker tints.

Your State’s Window Tinting Laws

It is important to know that states have varying laws on the type of vehicle window tint they allow. In some states, choosing a window tint that is too dark is illegal. This means depending on where you drive the vehicle, you may have to settle for a lighter shade of tint than you had in mind.

Heat and Glare Reduction from Tinted Windows

Darker tints are generally more effective at preventing the generation of heat and glare within the interior of the vehicle. A reduction in glare can help improve driving visibility on sunny days.

UV Protection from Tinted Windows

Another benefit of 3M auto tint is the protection it provides against harmful UV rays from the sun. Too much exposure to these rays can lead to skin cancer and damage interior upholstery and furnishings inside the vehicle over time.

Privacy from Tinted Windows

3M auto window tint also increases privacy and safety for drivers and passengers. It prevents people outside of the vehicle from peering in to see who or what is inside of the vehicle. This is an important element of protection against criminals who may intend to break into the vehicle.

Get Professional Installation

Having a professional auto window tint installation performed is recommended as opposed to doing the job yourself. This will ensure the tint is installed properly and no damage occurs during the installation process.

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