At Interwest Automotive, we have hundreds of 3M Authorized Dealer locations across the United States from which you can purchase our 3M automotive film products. You can use our 3M dealer locator below to find the dealer closest to you.

3M Dealer Locator Tool

Using our dealer locator map below along with the search tool based on your location and search radius, you can quickly find the dealer nearest you that sells the automotive film and tinting products we offer. These dealers have exceptional product knowledge and are ready to help you get the tints and films you need for your vehicle.

Pro Shop Dealer

These dealers are authorized to sell many 3M film products and possess exceptional knowledge and expertise as they provide personalized services to customers.

Premier Dealer

These dealers are authorized to provide additional levels of service and expertise related to 3M Automotive Window Film products.

Authorized Dealer

These dealers are authorized sellers of 3M Automotive film products.

Crystalline Certified Dealer

These dealers have successfully completed additional training and certification to apply their knowledge and expertise of 3M Automotive film products and installations for this product line.


      Whether you need 3M auto window tint, 3M paint protection film, 3M ceramic coating, or 3M 2080 vinyl wrap, authorized 3M dealers can be found through our 3M installer locator and offer the film products you need for your vehicle.

      Request a Quote and Contact a Dealer

      If you need more information about the various 3M automotive film products we offer through our dealer network, get in touch with the dealer closest to you, or give us a call today at 800-232-8468.