6 Tips for Choosing the Right Ceramic Coating for Cars

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Ceramic Coating for Cars

Automotive ceramic coating is a great way to keep your vehicle looking brand new like it just came out of the dealer showroom. However, not all ceramic coatings have the same quality. Choosing the right ceramic coating is key to ensuring the best and long-lasting results. At Interwest Automotive, we offer 3M ceramic coating to enhance the appearance of your vehicle and provide it with exceptional protection.

Below are some tips for choosing the right ceramic coating for your car:

1. Does it Have a Warranty?

Many ceramic coatings are provided with a warranty when they are installed by professional installers. These warranties are often three years or longer and remain valid as long as the terms of the warranty are not violated.

2. What is the Hardness Rating?

Only part of the coating is ceramic. The other part consists of a liquid polymer which is non-volatile solvent. It contains a rich amount of silica (SiO2), which is the ceramic portion. The more ceramic, the greater the hardness after curing is complete. Professionals can provide you with a ceramic coating that offers a good level of protection with at least more than 80% ceramic.

3. Read Reviews

It takes some time and research to find the right ceramic coating for your vehicle. There are many options on the market, with new ones available all the time. You can look at review sites or YouTube videos to check out what others have to say about them. Car magazines and automotive review sites are good starting points.

4. Does it Repel Water Effectively?

Coatings that allow water to form beads and hang around on the surface is one thing, but some coatings allow the water to run off the surface in sheets. You want to ensure you have a ceramic coating that dispenses with the water as swiftly as possible such as 3M ceramic coating.

5. Does it Produce the Ideal Finish?

Search for pictures of vehicles with the ceramic coating applied. Compare different products from these photos and find the one that matches your preferences. Many people prefer a high-gloss and deep finish.

6. Does it Require Minimal Maintenance?

Some ceramic coatings possess durability. Others are vulnerable to strong detergents. Consult with a professional to determine the maintenance necessary to keep the coating looking its best. Optimally, the coating should only require routine washing to maintain its look. The water should run off easily when it is washed.

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