3M Paint Protection Film – Protect Your Car’s New Paint Job

Even if you drive your vehicle in a careful and cautious manner, its exterior will still sustain wear and tear over time. Your vehicle’s exterior paint job and finish are subject to hazards out on the road on a continual basis. Elements such as small rocks, extreme weather, tree sap, sand, salt, gasoline, bird droppings, and other debris can erode the exterior of vehicle over time and degrade its once brand-new look. However, there is an answer to these issues, 3M Paint Protection Film. At Interwest Automotive, we are your premier source for 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film that ensures your vehicle’s finish is protected for the long-term from many external elements.

What 3M Paint Protection Film Does

Taking the proactive approach of having 3M paint protection film applied is one of the most effective ways to preserve the new paint job on your vehicle. This film is virtually invisible and often applied to the most susceptible areas of the vehicle to damage, such as door edges, door handle cavities, side mirrors, rocker panels, front bumpers, rear fender panels, and hoods. With this film applied, you can continue to wash your vehicle as you have before.

3M paint protection film is a non-yellow material with UV resistant properties. Not only does this film prevent fading from the sun and protect the vehicle surface from external debris, it also lasts a long time. In addition, removing this film from the surface of a vehicle will not damage the painted surface as long as the film was initially applied to fully cured paint.

Protect Your Investment

3M paint protection film is a highly cost-effective solution for protecting the surface of your vehicle. This film can save you money by maintaining your vehicle’s resale value and preventing the need for repairs down the road due to accumulated surface damage. The results in terms of long-lasting protection are significant compared to the cost of application.

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