3M Color Stable Window Tint – What it is and How it Works

At Interwest Automotive, we offer 3M color stable tint for windows that provides exceptional comfort and outstanding protection to vehicle occupants and furnishings. 3M Color Stable window tint gives you a rich, pristine look that compares favorably to professional, factory tinted glass and it will never fade to purple.

3M Color Stable Tint for Windows

This tint comes in various tint levels that block up to 93% of visible light from penetrating. It provides exceptional color stability with years of performance.

Superb color stability is best achieved by absorbing a greater quantity of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays. What is important to know is that standard dyed window tint consists of a layer of dye applied to a polyester sheet. This combination doesn’t tend to last.

Color stable film is made through an extrusion process with raw materials that undergo melting and stretching in a horizontal and vertical directions. This goes beyond the standard process of simply applying the tint to a sheet. This process produces a stronger base material, giving it the ability to absorb rays without causing damage to the film.

After the film is produced, UV blockers are added to it which block damaging UV rays. The tint color absorbs the sun’s energy onto the glass directly instead of onto the film, which is installed on the interior of the glass. This minimizes the penetration of damaging rays through the window film and prolongs the service life of the 3M color stable tint.

With darker color stable films come increased tint levels, which results is better performance.

Key Benefits of 3M Color Stable Tint

  • The nano-carbon polyester technology provides excellent heat rejection and enhanced color stability.
  • It blocks up to 64% of solar energy, keeping interiors cool.
  • Provides a rich look and reduced glare.
  • Does not interfere with electronic signals.
  • Provides an SPF of 1000 and shields from 99% of UV sunlight.
  • Lifetime warranty with no purpling guarantee.

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